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Agmatine Sulfate
    Publish time 2011-11-11 09:42    
Name: Agmatine Sulfate

CAS No.: 2482-00-0

Molecular Formula: C5H16N4O4S

Appearance: White like or white crystalline powder

Assay: 98% Min.

Melting Point: 228-231

Loss on drying: 0.5% Max.

Granularity(Mesh): 80-100

Packing size: 25kg/drum

Application: Sports Nutrition

FOB Price: USD100-150/kg



1.  Agmatine is naturally produced in the body by the breakdown of Arginine.

2.  Supplementing with Agmatine sulfate does many of the same things that Arginine should do, but it seems to be much more effective.

3.  Agmatine sulfate has many benefits to the bodybuilder or athlete.

4.  The benefits if Agmatine sulfate include enhanced muscle pumps, better nutrient partitioning (more calories are shuttled towards muscle tissue and less are stored as fat), and increased production of luteinizing hormone and growth hormone.

5.  Agmatine sulfate appears to boost muscle pumps in a couple different ways.


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