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Instant BCAA
    Publish time 2011-11-04 14:22    
Name: Instant BCAA

CAS No.: N/A

Molecular Formula: N/A

Appearance: White to off-white fine powder

Grade Standard: Food Grade or Medicine Grade

Ingredients: L-leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-valine

Ratio: 2:1:1

L-leucine: 45%

L-Isoleucine: 22.5%

L-valine: 22.5%

Melting Point: N/A

Loss on drying: 0.5% Max.

Granularity(Mesh): 40

Shelf life: 2 years

Packing size: 25kg/drum

Application: Sports Nutrition

FOB Price: USD25.0-35.0/kg

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1. Instant BCAA  (branched chain amino acids) - L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine - are the single most important group of amino acids for humans. 

2. All three are used by the body to heal injured tissues, speed up recovery, and protect against muscle tissue breakdown (catabolism) during exercise.  

3. Instant BCAA Branched-chain amino acids are considered essential amino acids because human beings cannot survive unless these amino acids are present in the diet.  

4. Since one third of all muscle protein is comprised of BCAA's, they are extremely important for developing and building muscles.  

5. Broadly, leucine heals and protects muscles and bones.  

6. Valine promotes nitrogen balance which is essential for muscular growth. L-Isoleucine helps provide the necessary energy and is essential for forming hemoglobin.



1. Instant BCAA supports extreme muscle growth 

2. Instant BCAA builds strength and tremendous power 

3. Instant BCAA timed release to support anti-catabolic effects

4. Instant BCAA support increased strength and mass 

5. leucine critical for mTOR signal for protein synthesis

6. Instant BCAA and leucine may support improved recovery and reduced soreness 

7. Instant BCAA promote increased endurance exercise capacity 

8. Instant BCAA supplementation provides support against catabolism

9. leucine and muscle protein metabolism.